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madden 2010

madden 2010

Hey!check out Madden 2010 cover..

madden 2010

Both the players were involved in leading performances from the teams which played in this year’s Super Bowl. Although, Steelers won the hard-fought game 27-23, Larry was praised for his offensive work on the field.

paradise cove malibu

paradise cove malibu

This amazing news is about your sizzling beauty Paradise Cove Malibu LALATE loves it!

paradise cove malibu

Paradise Cove Malibu LALATE loves it

LALATE loves Paradise Cove in Malibu.

What is Paradise Cove?

It’s a very small section of Malibu that you get to down one street off of PCH (Pacifc Coast Highway) that LALATE has been going to for decades. If you want a huge beach with a lot of fun - you go to ZUMA - where Selena Gomez was snapped in 2008 bikini photos.

madden 10 cover

madden 10 cover

This amazing news is about
EA reveals Madden ‘10 cover Athletes

madden 10 cover

John madden has retired from playcalling, but his legacy lives on in the now 21 year old Madden NFL Football franchise. Today, Electronic Arts revealed a double shot of gridiron brothers set to adorn the cover of Madden NFL ‘10 when the title hits shelves August 14th.

This year brings the speedy and crafty wide receiver of the Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald and the pro-bowl defensive end Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers to the cover of Madden ‘10.

timothy wright

timothy wright

This is a sad news that
Timothy Wright, Grammy-nominated gospel singer, dies at 61

timothy wright

Grammy-nominated gospel singer and composer the Rev. Timothy Wright died yesterday at Bronx Veterans Hospital at the age of 61. The Brooklyn-born singer was critically injured in a three-vehicle car accident last summer that claimed the lives of his wife and grandson and put the singer on a respirator. Wright's 1994 record, Come Thou Almighty King, recorded with the New York Fellowship Mass Choir, cracked the Billboard Top 20 for gospel albums and grabbed a Grammy nod for best traditional soul gospel album.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

scheana marie jancan

scheana marie jancan

This special news is that
John Mayer Dating Model Scheana Marie Jancan

scheana marie jancan

John Mayer is reportedly dating model Scheana Marie Jancan. Sources say the singer met 24-year-old Jancan at the Beverly Hills lounge in early April. He later asked her out and sources say Jancan was “thrilled.”

“Scheana was shocked the thrilled when John asked her out. She has always thought he was hot, and she said yes right away, writing down her cell phone number on a napkin,” says a source. “They flirted the whole time, and he told her she was cute.”


Apparently some chick is claiming that she used to date him and that he did her real dirty. Here’s what she wrote on the site BACK IN 2007!!!

the dirty

the dirty

This amazing news tells us that
Erick Dampier isn't dirty, but Bruce Bowen is...

the dirty

Dirk expressed that opinion after today's practice while discussing Erick Dampier's vow to put Tony Parker on his back.

"We were all a little frustrated obviously with what happened in Game 2," Dirk said. "But nobody's trying to hurt anybody in this league. We're all competitors but we're all in this together.

This news is hot and amazing that
Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’: Gretchen Gets Nasty, Jacqueline Gets Preggers

What a difference a city makes.

Bravo’s popular reality series franchise The Real Housewives of… has been in the press quite a lot recently thanks to the behavior (or misbehavior) of its Newyork ast members.

But now an Orange County housewife is getting headlines, unflattering though they may be. Gretchen Rossi is a fixture on the dirty, which was the first to display pictures of the blond 'housewife'in a bikini and a cowboy hat,on the commode, looking really drunk. And if she wasn’t, well, how could she condone being photographed like that?

Time to get dirty!"Real Housewives" Gretchen Rossi vs. Who owns the nudie pics?


Gretchen Rossi of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" is going nuts over a series of risque photos being posted of her on the website The dirty

The Dirty says they obtained a camera of photos featuring Gretchen. In the first two photos released on the site, Rossi is sitting on the toilet(second photo here). In another,she is topless and playing with her nipples. Now, The Dirty claims that have more pictures of Gretchen and write "You and I both know what pictures are next. (directed at Gretchen from the website's editor, Nik).

myrtle beach fires

myrtle beach fires

This is an amazing news that
Myrtle Beach Fires Blaze Through the Night

myrtle beach fires


A large and destructive wildfire started last night in Myrtle beach ,South Carolina. The fire which first appeared right after midnight, continued burning through the night and into the morning destroying dozens of homes and destroying over 15,000 acres in it’s wake. The area around the Barefoot Landing development has been hit the hardest.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

quinn bradlee

quinn bradlee

Quinn Bradlee: Suffering From A Learning Disability In Washington’s Public Eye

quinn bradlee

Twenty-six-year-old Quinn Bradlee, the son of journalist legends -- former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and author Sally Quinn -- recently wrote “A Different Life” a book about growing up with a learning disability in a very public world.

Bradlee, who suffers from Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, compared the experience of writing the book to leaving a mother bird’s nest – a coming into his own.

jimmy dean

jimmy dean

Jimmy Dean escapes house fire, sausage cooked to perfection

jimmy dean

a late night fire to their Varina home last night. Everyone was okay but the home was significantly damaged.

Yes, when I read that Jimmy Dean had a house fire the first thing that came to my mind was breakfast sausage. I'm warped that way. If your late coming to this game called NashvilleGab you'll soon come to realize I'm just a dork so don't mind me.

Anyway, back to the fire. It was reported at 8:05 p.m. and was still not under control at 11:30 p.m

stephanie parente

stephanie parente

A dreadful news and sad too
Message from Loyola College on Parente death

stephanie parente

Late this morning, we received confirmation from Baltimore County Police that Stephanie Parente, a member of the Class of 2011, has died. She and her mother, father and younger sister were found in a Towson hotel room. The police have launched an investigation into the family's deaths, and are pursuing the investigation as a murder/suicide.

This is a moment of unimaginable sorrow for the entire Loyola family. The loss of young lives -- particularly under such circumstances -- defies understanding.



This amazing news i ever heard is
The Killers, Depeche Mode & Jane’s Addiction To Play 2009 Lollapalooza

The line-up for a revived 2009 Lollapalooza mega-concert tour has been announced. Depeche Mode, Tool, The Killers, a reunited Jane’s Addiction, Beastie Boys, and Kings of Leon will headline, joined by Lou Reed, Ben Harper and Relentless7, Thievery Corporation, Snoop Dogg, and Rise Against, who are all also slated to perform at Grant Park in Chicago for the summer musical festival August 7-9.

Festival founder and Jane’s Addiction front man Perry Farrell said he is thrilled to return to the Lollapalooza stage alongside friends old and new.

william parente

william parente

Police identify 4 dead in Md. hotel as NY family
william parente

Four people found dead in a hotel room near Baltimore were members of a New York family, police said Tuesday, and they continued to investigate the case as a murder-suicide.

Those killed were identified as William Parente, 59; Betty Parente, 58; Stephanie Parente, 19; and Catherine Parente, 11; all of Garden City, N.Y., on Long Island, the Baltimore County Police Department said.

Police said the victims were related, although they did not say how. Next-door neighbor Mary Opulente Krener said in a phone interview that William and Betty Parente were a couple and Stephanie and Catherine were their daughters.

"I can't tell you how heartsick I am," she said. "This is the most wonderful family, the most kind and loving family. I'm astounded."

She said William Parente was a real estate attorney in New York. A call to his office was not immediately returned.

ben and jerry s locations

ben and jerry s locations

This is a yummm news that
ben and jerry s free cone day

ben and jerry s locations

Ben & Jerry's Navy Pier

700 East Grand Ave.

Ben & Jerry's Navy Pier Kiosk
600 East Grand Avenue

Ben & Jerry's Oak Park
1025 West Lake Street

Ben & Jerry's Evanston
1634 Orrington Ave.

philip markoff megan mcallister

philip markoff megan mcallister
This news about BU student who charged in hotel killing

philip markoff megan mcallister

Boston police arrested a Boston University medical student yesterday in the slaying of a New York woman at a luxury Back Bay hotel last week and an earlier attack on another woman. Both victims had advertised personal services on Craigslist.

After an intensive manhunt along the Eastern Seaboard, Philip Markoff, 23, of Quincy, was stopped by police around 4 p.m. while driving south on Interstate 95 in Walpole, Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said at a press conference last night at police headquarters.

five dollar dinners

five dollar dinners

This is an amazing news that
Food Firms Cook Up Ways to Combat Rare Sales Slump

five dollar dinners

The packaged-food industry has long touted itself as recession-proof. Strapped consumers are shattering that assumption, setting off a frenzy in the nation's supermarket aisles and cooking labs. In the last quarter of 2008, consumer spending on food fell by an inflation-adjusted 3.7% from the previous quarter -- its steepest drop in 62 years, the Commerce Department said. So, food giants are racing to adapt to what they believe is a lasting shift in eating and shopping habits

Food executives worry that shrunken nest eggs -- along with an overhang of home foreclosures, personal bankruptcies and credit-card debt -- may cause shoppers to tighten the purse strings indefinitely.

philip markoff wedding

philip markoff wedding

This news opens the surprise that
Philip Markoff wedding plans are a surprise if he is a misogynist!

philip markoff wedding

Markoff wedding was due to take place in August this year. His finacee Megan McAllister has claimed that Philip is "a beautiful person inside and out" and any such charges against him are not correct.

The Craiglist suspect Philip Markoff has been charged for the death of Julissa Brisman and the robbery of another woman at two Boston luxury hotels.

Police also believes that Philip may be involved in other crimes related to women which they may not be knowing about. Since the reasons are not known yet, speculation is rife that Philip may a misogynist that is a person who hates women for no apparent reason.

megan mcallister

megan mcallister

This amazing news is about
craigslist killer's wedding plans with Megan McAllister

megan mcallister

police have arrested Philip Markoff and tagged him as the "craigslist killer." Now, we're finding out more about Markoff like the fact that he comes from an affluent family and he's engaged to woman named Megan McAllister. McAllister is evidently a fellow med student Markoff met while they were at SUNY Albany.
It reveals a different side of the "craigslist killer." According to the site, Megan and Philip volunteered together at an area emergency room and had their first date on Nov. 11, 2005.



This news is delicious that Meatless Monday: An Old-Fashioned Idea,and Tahini for Breakfast


It’s that time of the week again: Meatless Monday! While the initiative has recently become popular once again, Meatless Monday is actually a pretty old-fashioned idea! It was first encouraged by the USDA during World War I in an effort to conserve food for US troops fighting overseas, along with Wheatless Wednesday. The campaign was brought back for the same reasons during World War II, along with sugar and gasoline rations.

We might not be in war-time conservation mode right now, but the country’s current climate bears many similarities: Everyone is looking for ways to conserve and cut back. We’re also eager to contribute towards ways to win a different kind of battle, that is, the one against global warming. Many people are even growing their ownVictory Gardens!

philip markoff megan mcallister

philip markoff megan mcallister

Check out this hot news
Cops have Philip Markoff, suspected "Craigslist Killer" of model Julissa Brisman, in custody

philip markoff megan mcallister

cops on Monday night branded a 22-year-old med student engaged to be married as the "Craigslist Killer" who murdered a pretty New York masseuse and attacked at least two other escorts in hotels.

Philip Markoff, a Boston University student who lives in Quincy, a harborside town 10 miles south of Boston, will be arraigned on murder charges on Tuesday.

baby mammoth

baby mammoth

This amazing news is about
'Pickled' baby mammoth opens window to Ice Age

baby mammoth

A baby mammoth dubbed Lyuba had her brief life cut short in a swamp 40,000 years ago, but the well-preserved specimen will provide the world a window into the extinct creatures from the Ice Age.
Discovered in 2007, the 1-month-old mammoth died suddenly, probably trapped in mud. "She was doing great, very healthy," says paleontologist Dan Fisher of the University of Michigan, part of the international team researching Lyuba. "She just had this terrible misfortune."

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san diego junior lifeguards

san diego junior lifeguards

A great news for tv lovers that
Television movies for the week of March 29

san diego junior lifeguards

The Abandoned '06. Anastasia Hille. Ghostly doppelgangers and horrifying events plague a woman and her twin brother at their family's decaying Russian farmhouse. (R) (1:50) TMC: Mon. 9:40 P.M.

• Absolute Power '97. Clint Eastwood. A veteran thief catches the president of the United States in adultery and a murder cover-up. (R) (2:05) ENC: Fri. 8 P.M., 4:10 A.M., Sat. 2:20 P.M. (CC)

• Accepted '06. Justin Long. After trying and failing to get into college, a high-school senior and his friends fool parents and peers by creating their own university. (PG-13) (2:00) COMEDY: Fri. 8 P.M., Sat. 2:30 P.M. (CC)

• Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls '95. Jim Carrey. A sacred white bat's disappearance begets bloodshed between African tribes and puts the goofy pet sleuth on the case. (PG-13) (2:00) CMT: Sun. 2 P.M., 6:30 P.M.

stephen hawking

stephen hawking

This news is very important and must to see...
Stephen Hawking 'Very Ill," Hospitalized

stephen hawking

Noted physicist stephen hawking has been described as "very ill" and has been hospitalized, according to reports.

The report was confirmed to the BBC by Cambridge University, which employs Hawking as its Lucasian Professor of Mathematics.

Hawking, 67, has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, often fatal after a few years. Hawking has survived for more than 40 years with the disease, CNN reported.

A Cambridge University spokesman said that Hawking had "been unwell for a couple of weeks,"

mike pullano

mike pullano

This is a top news that Body-part theft trial begins
mike pullano

A human tissue recovery service branch manager charged with illegally harvesting bone and tissue from 29 bodies went on trial in New York Monday.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported that Kirssy Medos signed blank documents indicating that she witnessed Monroe Country residents give their consent to remove bone and other body parts from deceased relatives.

Second Assistant District Attorney Timothy L. Prosperi said in this opening statement that Medos falsified forms so that her employer, Biomedical Tissue Services, could recover the body parts and sell them to companies that prepare them for medical purposes.

ryan hall

ryan hall

This amazing news is about
a champion Ryan Hall- A Boston Marathon him here!

ryan hall

We are now just a few hours away from the Boston Marathon. Ryan Hall, with a personal best of 2:06:16, will begin his quest to try to become the first American winner of the Boston Marathon since Greg Meyer won in 1983. Hall was barely a year old the last time an American won the race.

what is waterboarding

what is waterboarding

This amazing news is about
what CIA did 266 times on two prisoners

what is waterboarding

The ongoing debate over the ethics and usefulness of interrogation techniques such as waterboarding received new fuel on Sunday night, with a New York Times report that two Al Qaeda suspects were subject to the method, which simulates drowning, a combined 266 times.

That number is higher than previously reported, and will no doubt cast a long shadow over President Obama's first scheduled visit to CIA headquarters today, where he will publicly address employees.

The New York Times reports that, according to a recently released May 2005 interrogation memo, Al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah was subjected to waterboarding 83 times in August 2002.

Khalid Sheikh Mohamed, who has confessed to planning the September 11, 2001, attacks as well as personally beheading Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, was subjected to waterboarding 183 times in March 2003.

boston marathon live coverage

boston marathon live coverage

Watch the 2009 Boston Marathon Live online here!

boston marathon live coverage

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon and ranks as one of the world’s most well-known road racing events. It is one of five members of the World Marathon Majors.

For watching the Marathon Live in Boston...

kara goucher

kara goucher

This news is for the lovers of kara goucher because this news is about
Speaking with Kara who want to miss!
i donot think so that you want to miss!

kara goucher

When Alberto Salazar first convinced Kara Goucher to run the New York City Marathon, she wasn’t 100-percent sold on making the step up in distance. But after running 26.2 miles through the Five Boroughs in 2 hours, 25 minutes, 33 seconds, the fastest time ever by an American female debutant, Goucher has her sights set on becoming the best marathoner in the world.
She will take the next step toward her goal tomorrow when she runs in the Boston Marathon. In January, Goucher spoke at length with Universal Sports about her New York experience and her goals for her second career marathon.

Did you ever think you would feel that way?

No way. My coach had to prod me to run the 10K. He had to almost trick me into running it. To think I would run a marathon and then be sad that it was over, even though I was in total pain, never in a million years would I have thought that.

willa cather

willa cather

This is a wonder news for all the intelligent people out there that
UNO program is among those offering intellectual pursuits for midlife learners

willa cather

They need not be in pursuit of a degree. They won't earn college credits, get a grade or take any exam.The only prerequisite is a desire to learn.Or, more aptly phrased: a desire to keep learning.

By launching its Lifelong Learning Initiative, the University of Nebraska at Omaha has joined a growing number of campuses that are creating programs specifically for midlife minds.

"It's a health club for your brain," said coordinator Patty Adams.

Similar programs exist at Nebraska campuses in Lincoln and Kearney, at the University of Iowa, Iowa State University and scores of other cities.

chicago park district

chicago park district

This amazing is about
Chicago Park District hiking summer camp fees

chicago park district

District chief financial officer Steve Hughes told the park board Wednesday a steeper-than-expected drop in revenue from the state's corporate income tax has put the 2009 budget in a big hole. Increasing property taxes -- which make up most of the district's revenue -- isn't an option, Mitchell said.

"I think fees are a fair way to raise revenue rather than an across-the-board tax increase," Mitchell said.

boston marathon

boston marathon

This is an amazing news that Boston Marathon Champ Bill Rodgers Sees U.S. Runners Winning

boston marathon

Americans in today’s boston marathon are running for their first victory in a generation, and they have a good shot at snatching the men’s title, the women’s or both.That’s from a man who knows what it takes to be first across the Boston finish line:bill rodgers who won in 1975, 1978, 1979 and 1980.

“I’d love to see the Americans win, and they really have a chance,” Rodgers, 61, said in a telephone interview. “It would be bigger than my winning or Alberto Salazar or Greg Meyer because it would be slaying the dragon.”

Sunday, April 19, 2009

operation fruit snacks

operation fruit snacks

This amazing news is about when Man says gummy snack came with stray tooth

operation fruit snacks

Wow. A rook — there’s a term I associate with the Red River Valley. I didn’t think anyone but Mom and her sister used that term as it is here.

How much is a stray tooth worth? Somewhere between $35 and $35,000.

Or so hopes Shea Harris of Raleigh, who discovered what looks like a human tooth embedded in the dinosaur-shaped gummy fruit snack he was eating.

The tooth was not his own.

On the afternoon of Jan. 15, Harris, 25, purchased two boxes of Kroger-brand dinosaur fruit snacks on sale for 99 cents each. He was “killing those snacks” — even though, because of his braces, he had to suck the gummies rather than chew them. By evening, he had finished one box and was into the third packet of the second — working on a T-Rex, to be precise — when he felt something hard in his mouth.

He spit out the partially dissolved orange chewy creature — with what appeared to be a human tooth still halfway embedded in the head.

“I was freaked out by it!” Harris said. “It was disgusting.”

He immediately hopped into his car and headed back to the Kroger where he bought the snacks, and showed the gummy and its apparently dental cargo to the clerk. The store wasn’t much help. So Harris called the toll-free number on the box.

He eventually got a call back from a customer service representative for ConAgra Foods, the massive food company that produces the snacks.

“We take consumer comments and concerns very seriously,” Stephanie Childs, a spokeswoman for ConAgra, told The News & Observer.

Harris was unimpressed.

“They offered me $35 or the option of filing a claim,” said Harris, who works for a law enforcement agency he declined to name. He said he found the amount insulting. “I told them I’d be filing a claim.”

At first, Harris imagined he’d go through a lawyer to collect big bucks. But none of the attorneys he contacted would take the case. Though Harris worries about hidden contagion, he hasn’t suffered any real harm from the admittedly disgusting discovery rattling around in his mouth.

ConAgra called in a claims management firm, which had the crunchy-chewy remains of the T-Rex picked up on Wednesday for independent testing.

Harris doesn’t know what will happen next. Even if the object is not a tooth, he said, it shouldn’t have been in a fruit snack. If he’d been chewing, he could have broken a tooth.

So Harris has submitted his own claim, along with a letter seeking an apology and $35,000.

“I know that might sound outrageous,” Harris said. “But I know this is worth more than $35.”

He’s willing to negotiate. As for fruit snacks? For what it’s worth, he’ll never eat one again.

cute things falling asleep

cute things falling asleep

This perfect and cute news in about what did you learn at school today?

cute things falling asleep

I've been invited back to talk about my Cute Things sites once again.
This country's art schools and colleges have famously produced our most inventive pop stars. But does the same still hold true today? Will Hodgkinson reports from the UK's campuses.

On a bright spring afternoon in the student union of Goldsmiths College in New Cross, south-east London, a young woman called Vicky Gould is talking in earnest, slightly nervy tones about being a pop star, studying fine art, and falling in love with one of her lecturers. What makes the situation slightly surreal is that Gould is wearing an afro wig and bright pink taffeta flares.

There is some kind of singing and shouting going on behind us. Just as Gould is explaining how she used to like dressing up as Prince but has now taken to impersonating the late Eazy E of pioneering rappers NWA, a paper cup bounces off her afro. She turns to its source and hisses: "Fuck off!"

Three men shuffle uncertainly toward us. One is dressed as a priest. Another is wearing a pink wig and a tutu, underneath which a pair of hairy legs with knobbly knees poke out. The third has fake breasts and is wearing two wigs at once. "We're butting in because all four of us are a little group," says the man in the pink wig, a gruff-voiced northerner called Lewis Mason. "And we're in bands because we're interested in the egotistical element of art."

Mason and the priest, a fresh-faced youth called Jack Barraclough, have two bands, Holly & Jessika and Alex Fear - the man in the double wig - sings with Gould and Mason in Freakasaurus, which has its own junior offshoot called Kidasaurus that they are hoping will play nursery schools in New Cross. Kidasaurus's chances of success in this endeavour may be low. Fine art students all, they claim to love pure pop and to have bonded over a shared passion for Michael Jackson, but the mainstream won't be embracing them just yet.

"Our first single will be called Poo in my Mouth," says Mason, before adding, hopefully, "you can hum along to that." A quick listen to the song and a look at its unhygienic video suggest it won't be bothering the Top 40 any time soon.

Britain's art schools have been integral in shaping the pop landscape. And in stark opposition to manufactured pop and classical music, which are all about professionalism, art schools are all about ideas.

"The art schools from my time specialised in old-school teaching methods of brutalising your students with some wild thinking that was off the map," remembers Pete Townshend, whose lecturers at Ealing College of Art included Gustav Metzger - his concept of auto-destructive art inspired Townshend to smash up his guitar - and Roy Ascott, whose theories on cybernetics predicted the internet. "I remember Roy looking at me in a lecture and saying: 'It's a pity that the only person in this room who has the slightest inkling of what I'm talking about is such an idiot.' Fucking genius, Roy Ascott."

Does that approach still exist in an age of crippling student loans, much-reduced arts budgets and results-based education? I'm visiting three art schools to find out - Goldsmiths (a university with a world-renowned fine art course), Cardiff School of Art and Design and Glasgow School of Art. At first glance, Goldsmiths does indeed appear to be subscribing to the wild-thinking model. The Freakasaurus/Kidasaurus gang met in their first year and became friends through what Fear calls "a shared offensive sense of humour". For his degree show, Alex Fear is planning on installing a working brothel at Goldsmiths. Don't the lecturers mind? "Funnily enough, they don't," he claims, "although they are concerned about the illegality of it."

Fear grew up infatuated with pop culture. He has had haircuts modelled on all four members of McFly and says of that boy band: "I really love them, and still can't tell if I'm being ironic or not." He claims that coming to Goldsmiths was the only option for him.

"I thought Goldsmiths was going to be like a grown-up version of Hogwarts, when in fact it's quite an average art school where you are allowed to do what you want. A large number of people on the course see themselves as superstars in their own world. Pretentiousness is certainly encouraged. But being a pop star and being an artist are just different avenues of creativity, and they're both about the ego."

"I see a gap between music and art," counters Jack Barraclough. "If you look at bands made of art students and bands made of music students there will be a massive difference."

What's that?

"The music students practise."

One of the most famous sons of the London art school world is Jarvis Cocker, who enrolled at Central St Martins in 1988 to take a hiatus from Pulp and study fine art and film. Paradoxically, it was the move that cemented Pulp's success.

"The experience of just being at art school gave me a lot to draw on - Pulp's most famous song [Common People] is about something that happened there - but on a deeper level I was taught to think about things in a non-lateral way. We might be losing that as everything becomes results-based. It's terrible to imagine, but I fear that the years of the alcoholic lecturer who spouts out a few ideas before falling asleep are gone."

In contrast to the excesses at Goldsmiths, a scene has emerged from Cardiff School of Art that is rooted in strange and interesting music rather than on-stage theatrics. Laurence Bell, founder of the pioneering indie label Domino, was in a rugby club in the Welsh mining town of Ferndale in October 2007, scouting for fresh talent, when three bearded scruffs took to the stage. The band, named Threatmantics, instantly captured Bell's imagination: with a viola taking the place of a lead guitar the trio had a sound rooted in early 1970s underground rock and lyrics about the casual violence and boredom of life in small-town Wales.

Threatmantics is an extension of an end-of-year project by lead singer and viola player Heddwyn Davies who, like all of the Cardiff graduates I meet, is unpretentious, quietly spoken and unassuming. Davies went to the art school, which is sandwiched between a bowling green and a hotel, because "I had no idea what I was going to do". His end-of-year project was a viola ensemble that he conducted while suspended from the ceiling wearing a dinner jacket. "At the time I was in a straightforward rock band and I realised that this was so much better," says the lanky 23-year-old, who with his sensible jumper and beard looks more like a chemistry graduate. "So Threatmantics is entirely a product of art school."

The band's musicality is also a product of a prevailing attitude at Cardiff. "A tutor, Paul Granjon, taught us that it isn't enough to just have an idea," says Davies. "Execution is key. You need to see things through."

Davies shared tutorials with the founders of two other bands that favour execution over concept: Louise Mason of the Victorian English Gentlemens Club, and Franic Rozycki of the Wave Pictures, who was also in the viola ensemble. "I went to art school because it looked like fun," says Rozycki, now working on songs in the quirky, observational vein of Jonathan Richman. Like Davies, he looks as if his approach to getting dressed involves grabbing whatever happens to be lying on the bedroom floor at the time. "I couldn't get into being an artist - all that talking about stuff. My teacher was a hardcore performance artist and I didn't really understand any of it."

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club formed at Cardiff School of Art and were organising tours long before completing their degree shows. "It was the first time I met people that were doing professional bands and writing songs well," remembers Threatmantics guitarist Ceri Mitchell, who recalls this as "a great spur in itself: here was a bunch of fellow students getting on with it and doing well, and we felt that we had to fight to be better than them. So art school gave us that drive to make things happen, even though part of the appeal of going there is being able to slack off."

The main building for Glasgow School of Art, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1896, embodies the spirit of the city: romantic but functional. The oak-panelled library, which still has the tables and chairs Rennie Mackintosh designed for it, looks out onto a landscape of gothic spires and brutalist tower blocks. For Sarah Lowndes, the author of Social Sculpture: Art, Performance and Music in Glasgow and a visiting lecturer at GSA, you can only understand the artistic landscape of Glasgow by taking in the geographical one.

"Glasgow has the architecture of boom and bust," says Lowndes. "After the industrial decline of the 70s there were attempts to reinvent it as a shopping town. The DIY ethos that typifies the city's music and art scene developed from there."

In 1983 Glasgow had reached crisis point. Unemployment was at an all-time high, razor gangs were creating a moral panic, and the city became known as the sick man of Europe. The council's attempt to reverse this trend through branding - "Glasgow's Miles Better" - coincided with the birth of a DIY culture where musicians and artists developed the idea of being creative without relying on outside help: Postcard Records, the pioneering label that was home to influential bands like Orange Juice and Josef K, emerged from this time. The Pastels, a band that captured the essence of "indie" and have remained at the heart of the city's music scene ever since, came soon after. Glasgow School of Art became a place not only to study, but also to meet like-minded people and form bands with them.

"A strong sense of community developed, and now the artists and musicians that are not nakedly ambitious get on better," says Lowndes. "Franz Ferdinand are a case in point. They've been successful but they're still very approachable and they contribute to the local scene. And in Glasgow, throwing a party or going down the pub is accepted as a key component of art."

Three members of Franz Ferdinand, the slick art-pop band led by Alex Kapranos, did not go to Glasgow School of Art, but such was their fascination with the culture emerging from it that they asked a fine art undergraduate, Bob Hardy, to join the group.

"I had never wanted to be in a band. I wanted to be a painter. But I was a music fan and that's why I came to Glasgow in the first place," remembers Hardy. "Then there was a party where Alex and I met in a kitchen and got talking about music. He suggested I play bass in his band. I told him I had never played one in my life. He told me it wasn't very hard. So it happened."

Hardy offered an artistic viewpoint, borne of what he had learned at GSA, which was valuable to Franz Ferdinand. "A great lecturer, Brian Kelly, talked about the idea of giving things space, of having boring bits in art in order to make the good bits stand out," says Hardy. "In applying this to Franz Ferdinand I thought about Erik Satie's Gymnopédies, which doesn't follow music's usual structures but is a series of ups and downs."

Hardy also brought to Franz Ferdinand the art school idea that sitting in a pub all afternoon can be just as important as working in the studio. "As an artist or musician, you learn to potter about and come up with things that way. All four members of Franz Ferdinand do a lot of pottering about."

Glasgow appears to celebrate those bands and artists that embrace the local scene. Currently enjoying a lot of attention are Divorce, a mostly female five-piece whose lead singer Sinead Youth and guitarist Vicky Strap On - possibly not their real names - are studying fine art at GSA. "Glasgow has a strong working-class culture," says Youth, who is from the city. "Anything too conceptual wouldn't go very far and people see through you if you are being pretentious. Nobody gave a shit about Glasgow for decades so people had to do it themselves - starting up galleries and record labels. That's why it's so good here."

Being an art school graduate has never been easy but, according to Graham Crowley, it's even worse being an art school lecturer. In October 2008 Crowley, a landscape painter and former lecturer, wrote in a letter to the journal Art Monthly that admin culture is turning art schools into "the educational equivalent of British Leyland", with a lack of resources, staff shortages, and an adoption of the corporate model, in which accountability and success are clearly measured. At the same time, there has been a 23.6% increase in the number of art students at undergraduate level between 1999 and 2007. The art school is still seen as an attractive place to spend your young adulthood.

Also at GSA is a lecturer who became a pop star (sort of) before devoting himself to art. Ross Sinclair was drummer for the 80s indie band the Soup Dragons. Now he's a working artist who also teaches environmental art, which means "kicking students out into the world and teaching them self-determination". Sinclair is concerned that art should have a purpose; something he learned from his time in a band and finding out what made audiences have a good time.

"We try and teach a responsibility in dealing with the audience, which is critical," explains Sinclair from his office in the Rennie Mackintosh building. "What's happening now in Glasgow is a move away from the flash, YBA approach towards something more homespun; a gritty determination to have a conversation with people while still keeping a bit of glitter. The point of art school is that they are catholic institutions where students can learn to think for themselves, learn to be creative, and ultimately give something to the world. The key is that it comes from them; that nobody else can say the thing they can say."

Without wishing to make a value judgment on these young art students' attempts at musical self-expression, one question remains: are they any good? To which the answer is: does it really matter? Any band at art school will be in its nascent stages. If its members can take the self-determination and desire to see beyond the mundane that art school has encouraged and shape that into forms accessible to the wider world - as Townshend, Cocker and so many others before and after them have done - then magic can happen. Take away the art school magic, and you're left with McFly.

i get a little bit older

i get a little bit older

This is a news trend for those who think
i get a little bit older.

i get a little bit older

When the Ducks get a whistle, Mike Brown gets a call

Mike Brown, Patrick Marleau
Kyle Terada / US Presswire
Ducks winger Mike Brown checks San Jose's Patrick Marleau into the boards during the second period Thursday night.
The winger's penalty-killing prowess has helped Anaheim escape some sticky situations.

From San Jose -- As a kid in suburban Chicago, and later as he began his professional career, Mike Brown didn't picture himself filling the role he's playing so capably for the Ducks.

"You never really grow up saying, 'I want to be a penalty killer.' Everyone wants to play power play and score goals," said the sturdy right wing, acquired from Vancouver on Feb. 4 for Nathan McIver.

"But it just kind of grew on me. Once I started killing penalties and started developing that role and you get used to it and get better at it, it becomes part of your game. And fun."

Being a reliable penalty killer is also a sure way to retain steady employment with the Ducks, the NHL's second-most penalized team.

The playoffs may be a new season, but the Ducks didn't shed their old habits Thursday in Game 1 of their first-round series against the Sharks. Ignoring familiar warnings from Coach Randy Carlyle to stay out of the penalty box, they gave the Sharks six power plays and were tested on each one.

That the eighth-seeded Ducks skated off with a 2-0 victory over the top-ranked Sharks is a credit to strong goaltending from Jonas Hiller and tenacious penalty-killing. The work was mainly shared by Brown -- in his playoff debut -- with Todd Marchant and Petteri Nokelainen up front and defensemen Scott Niedermayer, Chris Pronger and Francois Beauchemin.

"They're very good," Sharks defenseman Rob Blake said Saturday after San Jose devoted a chunk of its practice to devising a new power-play strategy for Game 2 tonight at HP Pavilion.

"Brown's come in and done a great job for them on the PK. It's something he wasn't used much for in Vancouver and he gets there and they find a role for him and he does it very well."

Acquiring the 23-year-old set off a chain of events that turned the Ducks' season around.

Carlyle and General Manager Bob Murray knew Brown and thought he could bring mental and physical toughness to a team that was losing its drive as it aged.

Before making the Canucks' roster this season Brown had played three seasons for Vancouver's top affiliate in Manitoba, the team Carlyle had coached before the Ducks hired him in 2005. Carlyle tapped his Manitoba connections for a scouting report and was told Brown had the potential to be a good penalty killer in the NHL.

Murray's knowledge of Brown goes back even further. Brown's father, Barry, owns a motorcycle dealership in Chicago and became friends with many members of the Blackhawks. Among them was Bob Murray, now the Ducks' general manager.

Murray also watched many of Brown's youth-league games because Murray's sons are around the same age and played in many of the same rinks. "I've liked that kid for a long time," Murray said.

Brown remembers meeting Murray years ago and marveled at the turns that have made Murray his boss. "It's a very small world," Brown said.

Having Brown allowed the Ducks to give up two of their top penalty killers, Travis Moen and Samuel Pahlsson, on the day of the NHL trading deadline and replenish their lineup on several fronts.

Brown was moved onto a line with Nokelainen -- acquired from Boston for Steve Montador -- and George Parros, a trio that has added vigor and the kind of battle-readiness that often proves decisive in the playoffs.

"He's willing to sacrifice, block shots, and he understands our systems and how we play. We needed that," Marchant said. "We needed other guys to step in after what transpired at the deadline."

Brown credited his Manitoba teammate Mike Keane with helping him learn the fine points of his new role and said Marchant had been helpful since he joined the Ducks. Those lessons wouldn't be worth much, though, if Brown weren't so willing to learn and improve.

"The first thing with Mike Brown is tenacity and his ability to get around the rink. He's going to go out and play the same energetic game, game in and game out," Carlyle said.

"We've tried to actually tone him down a little bit so that the game slows down for him a little bit more so that his hands, his head and his feet are all in unison, versus just feet. He's done an excellent job for us up ice on the penalty killing."

Brown wasn't afraid of the pressure he faced Thursday. And if they call on him often tonight -- let's be realistic and say when, not if -- he'll be ready.

"It was just exciting to be there and be in the moment. Those are the games I love to play in," he said. "If I'm out there I just try to work hard and get the intensity level up.

"It was a good thing we got the win."

One that might inspire kids to forsake the glamour of goalscoring to become penalty killers.

first motion sensing air freshener

first motion sensing air freshener

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first motion sensing air freshener

first motion sensing air freshener

We love the children ’s book that stinks! by Kate &; Jim McMullan on Stinky the garbage truck. There ‘line in the book that goes, “one of s, turn on, hold your nose.” If there is one area in your home that makes you want to pinch your nose, you may need a new sense & Glade ® air freshener spray air ™. Glade ® has just recently sent me the starter kit and Spray ™ sense of taste in our home (MRP $ 8.99). It is an atmosphere of air using an automatic intelligent motion detecting unit to detect movement.

Unlike other air fresheners air continuously launch fragrance sprays automatically only after someone has been in the room. This feature helps preserve the product. Moreover, once it enters spraying mode of the closure and won ‘t spray again for 30 minutes unless someone manually push the button on the front of the hike holder.

The starter kit includes a holder, a repuesio and two AA batteries. The unit can be placed on a flat surface or mounted on the wall. We got the scent of clean linen with our starter kit. The starter kit is also available in Apple Cinnamon fragrance and repuesios (MRP $ 3.49) can be obtained from the following four scents: Clean linen, Apple Cinnamon, spray the garden fresh and the country. The repuesios last about 30 days depending on traffic. his unit was super easy to assemble. Basically all that needs to be done was flip over the deck, the pressure to fit in the fragrance bottle in place and remove a red tab to activate the batteries. Sprinkle automatically 20 seconds after the assembly is satisfied as the isn ‘t mentioned in his face! At first me & I put our sense; ™ Spray tops in our bathroom. While that worked perfectly well in this location, I decided the smell of clean linen really wasn ‘t what I wanted in our bathroom. The smell reminds me of dry leaves and I moved our unit on a shelf in the area of the mudroom / laundry. This location is resolved perfectly for us.

The room smells usually dirty laundry and shoes Hedionda, but now the fourth fragrance is clean, pleasant. Once and a while after high traffic, the smell can get a little heavy since our mudroom is small and doesn ‘t have the best ventilation. The unit doesn ‘t include a button on / off. so you can ‘t turn it off completely. However, it is quite easy to get a battery or the bottle to disable it. Cosiderándolo all, we ‘ve enjoyed the product. When my husband came home from work last week, he commented how much better smell the mudroom. The Sense &; Spray ™ should do it ’s working!

top hat auto wash

top hat auto wash

This is a strange news
Spellunkers take top honors at Spelling Bee.

top hat auto wash

Spellunkers take top honors at Spelling Bee
PHOTO BY PAUL KELEHER. The winning team at the 4th annual Dover Library Spelling Bee was the Spellunkers, pictured above (from left to right) Tod Dimmick, Lori Krussell and Pamela Mok.
PHOTO BY PAUL KELEHER. The winning team at the 4th annual Dover Library Spelling Bee was the Spellunkers, pictured above (from left to right) Tod Dimmick, Lori Krussell and Pamela Mok.
It started with a Bee and ended with a moth. The winning word for the 4th Annual Dover Library Spelling Bee was gnorimoschema (a kind of moth that is dull-looking but its larvae set galls in plants) and with that the Spellunkers - Tod Dimmick, Lori Krussell and Pamela Mok Ð took top honors on Thursday night at the Dover Town House. Emceed by Dover's own George Doherty, the Bee was broadcast live on Dover Cable.

A fun community event, the Spelling Bee drew a diverse crowd of participants and their supporters. Twelve teams vied for the bragging rights of being named Dover's best spellers, but in the end, it was the Spellunkers in their miners' head lamps and hard hats that came out on top at the Friends of the Dover Library's Spring fundraiser.

While the Bee was the main event, the audience also perused the Bee Tree in the hallway, where gift cards, tickets and other goods were available for purchase, and enjoyed homemade and donated snacks from the Bee CafŽ.

In addition to the title of Champion Spellers, a few other awards were presented: Best Costume was awarded to the Clean Bees; Best Name was awarded to the Bee List Celebrities; Best Team Spirit was awarded to the B-H Stingers; and Perfect Attendance was awarded to Coldwell Banker, Wellesley, which has had a team of Dover resident realtors enter each year.

The Friends of the Dover Library, which organized the event, would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who made the Bee possible. Without the help of so many volunteers and the support of the community, the event would not be possible. A special thanks to Carol Lisbon, chair of the Dover Board of Selectmen, who served as Honorary Judge, and Paul Keleher, who photographed the event.

Additional thanks to the primary underwriter, Dover Automotive, and many families in Dover who contributed to the Spelling Bee, as well as: Bed Bath & Beyond, Belkin Lookout Farm, the Big Apple Circus, Blue on Highland, Blue Moon Bagel CafŽ, Bridgewater Credit Union, Boston Duck Tours, Boston Red Sox, Costco, The Cottage Restaurant, Davis Farmland and Mega Maze, Dover Country Properties, Dover Eyes, Dover Market, Dover Mothers' Association, Elizabeth Grady (Needham), Friendly's (Needham), Holly Cleaners, Lord's Department Store, Lovell's Flowers & Nursery, Magic Beans, the New England Aquarium, Nicholas Christie, the Pawtucket Red Sox, Portrait Simple, Roche Bros., Salon Mario Russo, Santa's Village, Save-A-Lot, ScrubADub Auto Wash, Sculpture Hair Studio, Six Flags New England, Story Land, Taylor's Stationery, Trader Joe's (Needham), Village Pizza, the Wheelock Family Theater, Whole Foods (Newton) and Zoo New England.

juno mcgruff

juno mcgruff

This amazing news is about
'Juno' close to genius Ellen Page shines in role as saucy student.

juno mcgruff

Juno McGruff (Ellen Page, left) is a high school student who gets pregnant after losing her virginity to a member of the school's track team out of boredom.
Media Credit: Twentieth Century Fox
Juno McGruff (Ellen Page, left) is a high school student who gets pregnant after losing her virginity to a member of the school's track team out of boredom.

Set in a small town in central Minnesota, where the seasons change with the body armor on the track team, "Juno" is the first-time script of former Minneapolis City Pages writer and Déjà Vu employee Diablo Cody and second film to come from director Jason Reitman ("Thank You For Smoking").

Ellen Page was edgy and teetering on terrifying in "Hard Candy," but as Juno McGuff, she is a cute but slightly nerdy and awkward high school student. Page keeps the sardonic attitude and the little red riding hoodie, but trades her malicious objectives for righteous intentions. She decides to give up her baby for adoption when she accidentally gets pregnant after losing her virginity to a member of the track team out of boredom.

Juno scours the classifieds for those "desperately seeking spawn," and stumbles across a picture of the perfect couple, Vanessa and Mark Lorring (Jennifer Garner, Jason Bateman), right next to the ads for exotic birds. Bateman plays a wannabe rock'n'roller turned jingle writer and Garner is a square, but sweet, middle-upper-class businesswoman born to be a mother but unable to have children of her own.

Page is hilariously sarcastic in this film and it is refreshing to see such a young woman taking on such daring and strong comedic roles. Armed with a sharp tongue and well-written dialogue courtesy of Cody, with lines like "Hi, I'm just calling to procure a hasty abortion…um, could you hold on a second? I'm talking on my hamburger phone," her dad (J.K. Simmons) assures the adoptive parents that her sense of humor is just one of her many genetic gifts.

Michael Cera (Paulie Bleeker) plays essentially the same character that he does in "Superbad" or "Arrested Development," a character that I can only assume is his actual personality, and is awkward as usual. While this is not to say that he is not funny, his character lacks depth and Page is the true comedian in this film.

Allison Janney ("Drop Dead Gorgeous," "American Beauty") offers a surprisingly funny and delightful role to the film as Juno's supportive stepmother, as does J.K. Simmons ("Thank You For Smoking," "Spiderman"), and their Minnesotan accents are playful but not overdone.

Things, however, do not go exactly as planned when it is time for Juno to take the bun out of the oven. Everything turns out alright in the end though, as most movies are wont to do, and the film leaves the viewer warm, fuzzy and satisfied. The only problem with this film is the lack of depth in many of the characters, and that the film follows the cheap morality ploys of Judd Apatow. But if you're looking for a feel-good movie with clever dialogue and quirky humor, this film is definitely worth your time.

molecular man

molecular man

This is an delightful and amazing news abotu
molecular man.Strange! see urself

molecular man

On the subject of the Argentine tango, about which Suzanne Bare, 45, is passionate, she says this: The connection is the most important thing. "The leader interprets the music with his body," she explains with an air of mystery, "while the follower expands on what the leader suggests." She flashes soulful eyes at Lance Bare, 52, a molecular biologist and her husband of less than a year. Is that a blush on his youthful face?

Before we get too far down this sultry path, let's untangle this tango - oops, tangle - of connection. The couple met in 2005 at a tango class in Walnut Creek.

Suzanne, a behavioral health educator who also has a private coaching practice, had been widowed in 2000 and was raising her daughter, Lauren, now 10.

Lance, recently separated, was looking to piece together a social life and began taking tango and salsa classes at a nearby arts center. At tango class, he spotted the lithe, experienced Suzanne who sometimes attended classes as a "helper" to the instructor. She always had Lauren in tow.

"We were a package," she explains. "I never wanted to hide that I was a mother."

The two got to know each other over some months, but it was Suzanne who first asked the newbie to dance.

"I thought she was extremely good looking," Lance jokes, "and that my chances with her were poor - especially because I couldn't dance."

After one particular dance, the two decided - with a group of friends - to go for coffee. Oddly, the rest of the group bowed out, though the couple thinks that that was part of a setup. Lance was off to Paris shortly, and though they hadn't kissed yet, upon his return he gave Suzanne a beautiful pashmina scarf. That did it. A blur of tango, dinners and dancing is how Suzanne describes the following year.

By Valentine's Day 2007, Lance had proposed. Suzanne says her father, "an old-fashioned Arabian guy" from Jordan, had been praying for a man for her. "I didn't think he thought I would find anyone," she says, "especially such a nice person, so kind and smart."

The two married last August in Napa, and their first dance was, of course, a tango.

"You can learn so much about someone from the way they dance," she says. Suzanne searched for a long time for a wedding dress that could double as a tango costume.

Lauren is thrilled to have Lance's three boys, now young men, as older stepbrothers, and she herself is a tango fan. Friday dances are a family outing. "It's addictive," says Suzanne, who throws down the last words on the subject. "Balance, expression, rhythm - it gets juicier all the time."

On how tango and their relationship intertwine:

Suzanne: "I have to be on my toes."

Lance: "The problem is when I'm on her toes."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

kane kalas

kane kalas

This is an amazing news- a must to read that Phillies honor Harry Kalas in moving ceremony.

kane kalas

It’s been said that one of the most stressful events in life is to lose one’s parents. Kane Kalas just lost his father at a relatively young age, but has conducted himself with poise, grace and dignity.

OUTSIDE THE third-base gate, 2 hours before the first pitch, fans gathered around the Mike Schmidt statue that became the repository for their memories. Flowers. Pictures. Ball caps. Notes and letters meant to somehow let Harry Kalas know, one last time, how much he meant to them.

Inside Citizens Bank Park, 45 minutes before the first pitch, the live-and-in-person Michael Jack Schmidt stepped behind a podium to talk about – what else? – how much the late, great voice of the Phillies meant to him.

That's the kind of night it was when the Phillies played their first home game since Kalas passed away before Monday's game at Nationals Park in Washington. It all came together nicely.

Staging a tribute is an enormously difficult undertaking. It's not hard for such events to dissolve into a sappy festival of grief or come across as somehow crass. The trick is to find just the right balance between sentimentality and the celebration of a life.

The Phillies made it look easy last night. The execution was pitch-perfect. Just like, come to think of it, Kalas' calls almost always were in the game's biggest moments.

The only sour note was struck by the team itself. The defending world champions squandered a big, early lead and lost to the Padres, 8-7. Afterward, manager Charlie Manuel admitted that the defeat had a little extra sting, that he had wanted to win for Harry.

Schmidt said he found it "very touching" that his statue had become ground zero for those who knew Kalas and those who felt as if they knew him after hearing his distinctive delivery over the course of the 39 seasons he called Phillies games.

"If you could look past Ben Franklin and William Penn, Harry may have been the greatest person ever to grace Philadelphia," he said. "You think about it. As many lives as he affected over the time that he lived in Philadelphia and around this area, who would have had a bigger impact on this city? I can't think of anybody."

Harry's sons – Todd, Brad and Kane – threw out the ceremonial first pitches to Schmidt, John Kruk and Jimmy Rollins, representing the three generations of Phillies teams during Kalas' remarkable career.

Schmidt, Darren Daulton and Robin Roberts have flown in from Florida to take part in the ceremonies that will honor Kalas. Steve Carlton traveled from Colorado.

In all, more than 20 former Phillies players are expected to pay their respects in person.

The relationship between broadcasters and players isn't always harmonious, but those in Phillies uniforms have almost always been wild about Harry.

"Harry had a forum to second-guess players, second-guess managers, to occasionally say a negative thing about a player. He never did," Schmidt explained. "He basically found something good in just about everything that went on.

" Harry was always in a good mood. Harry made the people of Philadelphia feel good for [nearly] 40 years."

A video tribute, narrated by Larry Andersen, was played on Phanavision before the game. The biggest cheer came when the clip showed Kalas calling the final out of the World Series last October was played. When it was over, the sellout crowd rose for a standing ovation and chanted, "Har-ry! Har-ry!"

There was a moment of silence and then Kane Kalas sang the national anthem.

The most emotional moment came during the seventh-inning stretch when the usual filler was replaced by a video of Kalas singing his signature song, "High Hopes," a tune that he famously warbled in piano bars across the National League. The crowd stood and sang along, getting into it and remained standing to cheer after the last note faded.

A facsimile of Kalas' autograph along with the notation "HOF 2002" was painted on the grass behind the first- and third-base coaches boxes. A billboard honoring him is on the leftfield wall.

Each fan in attendance was given an 8 x 10 color photograph of Kalas.

Before the game, Shane Victorino and Greg Dobbs had the pictures pinned up in their lockers.

The home television booth has been named The Harry Kalas Broadcast Booth with his famous home run call, "That ball's Outta Here!" inscribed on a home plate-shaped plaque and hung outside the door. The front of the booth was draped with black crepe. There was no announcer commentary on television during the top of the first. Video clips featuring Kalas were played between each half-inning.

When Chase Utley homered in the first, a recording of Kalas' voice repeating the phrase was played over the public-address system. That will be replayed for every Phillies home run this season as the Liberty Bell tolls.

The Florida Marlins followed the Phillies into Washington. Before last night's game, the photo of Kalas that had been taped on the wall of the visitors' dugout was still there. Manager Fredi Gonzalez said the Marlins wouldn't take it down.

The Phillies flag in centerfield was lowered to half-staff. The HK patches that debuted in Washington on Wednesday night were affixed over the hearts of the players' home uniform tops.

Back outside, the Schmidt statue and the third-base gate will be the staging area where fans who want to file past Kalas' casket will enter the park this morning.

"Knock on any door, any row home, and they know Harry Kalas," Schmidt said. "He's a household name, the guy they depended on for 40 years . . . [Players] come and go. We all came and went. Harry was just always here for you. Harry was a constant." *

machine of binding

machine of binding

This is an amazing news about the invention
of Espresso Book Machine Pilot that is Launched by Lightning Source Launches.

machine of binding

Assuming the quality of these books are up to Lightning Source's usual high standards, it'd be great if these machines could be located in countries where English is commonly spoken and that are far removed from where they now print books (the U.S. and U.K.)

Lightning Source has launched an Espresso Book Machine pilot program, done in conjunction with On Demand Books, through which select publishers will be able to offer their customers the opportunity to print their titles on the Espresso machines located in bookstores.

The pilot program expands on Lightning's previously announced partnership with no demand books, the company that makes the EBM, a device that works like a copier for books, printing and binding them in a few minutes.

Publishers participating in the pilot, culled from among Lightning's clients, include Simon & Schuster, John Wiley & Sons, Hachette Book Group, McGraw-Hill, Macmillan, University of California Press and Norton. Through the program some 85,000 titles will be available at EBM locations across the country, starting next month.

According to On Demand Books, there are currently five Espresso machines in the U.S. (with 10 others in locations throughout Canada and the U.K.). This, though, will soon change. Dane Neller, CEO of On Demand, said that "within a relatively short period that number will be increasing dramatically." On Demand is releasing a new model of the machine, version 2.0, which will print books faster--roughly four minutes for a 300-page book as opposed to eight minutes--and be offered at a lower price point. Neller added that the Espresso machine can now be leased as well. The 2.0 model will be on display at the London Book Fair.

Friday, April 17, 2009

cessna 421

cessna 421

This is a sad news that
cessna 421 crashed into a house.

cessna 421

A twin engine plane leaving Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport, bound for the Jacksonville area, crashed shortly after takeoff Friday morning, slamming into an Oakland Park home and setting the house on fire. The plane virtually disintegrated upon impact.

The plane, a twin engine Cessna 421 which can seat up to 8 people, hit a home at 5200 NW 1st Avenue in Oakland Park, damaging the home and starting a fire.



My co worker indicates smoke rising from house close to hers after her daughter who was at home heard a loud explosion. Elementary school is perhaps 300 yards east of crash site and a High School is located about 6oo yards ese of crash site. ~ mcgrande

miranda tozier robbins

miranda tozier robbins

This is a an amazing news about our britney spears.
Ex-Idol Hopeful Arrested at Britney Spears's House

miranda tozier robbins

Spears was nowhere in sight when the camo looking started.

A woman accused of peeking into the windows of Britney Spears's Calabasas, Calif., home was stopped by security guards and then turned over to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on Thursday morning – hours before the pop star was due to deliver the first of two Los Angeles shows on her Circus tour.

Authorities arrested Miranda Tozier-Robbins, 26, who was wearing camouflage and toting a camera at the time of her arrest, the Associated Press reports. She was cited for trespassing and disorderly conduct before being released. Relying on other reports, Entertainment Weekly also says that Tozier-Robbins was a fifth-season American Idol hopeful, who auditioned with the Spears ballad "Everytime."

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told the AP that the reason Tozier-Robbins was at Spears's home is unknown. It is also unclear where Spears was at the time of the alleged intrusion.

Later Thursday, however, onstage at L.A.'s Staples Center, Spears was evident for all to see – including her young sons, Preston and Jayden Federline, 3 and 2 respectively, who watched her from just above the 17th row, next to a sound booth. And though their mother, 27, performed a sexually charged show, the boys didn't see all of it. They were gone from their seats by the time Mama finished.